The Technology

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Desktop Health 3D Printer

3D Printers allow for the printing of casts for your teeth that we use to design new veneers, the try-on veneers themselves, along with temporaries and night guards— all within minutes in our own office.

Trios 5 Scanner

Tired of gooey impression material? Those are now a thing of the past and we are able to scan your teeth digitally.

Digital Smile Design Software

Want to envision what your new smile or veneers might look like? We are able to digitally design a smile for you based off your preferences and superimpose the design onto your consultation photographs, and in most cases, also 3D print the design for you to physically “test drive.”

Global Microscope

The Tooth Co. takes minimal invasiveness seriously. Having a high resolution microscope allows us to carefully shape each tooth and remove cavities.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

High-definition 3D images of your teeth and surrounding bone allow for precise diagnosis, identify areas for possible implant placement, or assist in the design of your new smile.

Cavity Detection Dye

Bacteria in cavities can be difficult to detect in the deepest areas of your teeth. To prevent unnecessary removal of tooth structure, dye can be used to highlight remaining bacteria.

Cavity Detection Camera

Though x-rays are a gold standard for diagnosing cavities, detection cameras take this a level further via “transillumination.” This camera shines through teeth and helps diagnose cracks and cavities that might have been missed or difficult to read in x-rays.

Modern Adhesive Dentistry

Instead of old school dentistry that featured “cementing” materials to teeth, our new generation of biomaterials bond to tooth structure, thereby mirroring the physical properties of teeth while providing better esthetics.

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