The Test Drive

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On the fence about veneers?

Moving forward with veneers can be scary. At The Tooth Co. we understand that it is incredibly difficult to commit to a new smile without knowing what the final design will look like, and more importantly, feel like inside your mouth prior to having your teeth permanently shaped.

To allow our patients to decide if veneers are truly for them, Dr. Perrin has crafted The Test Drive.

This novel approach involves crafting a design that will fit over the top of your existing teeth- with no prepping involved (from our 3D printer). This allows patients to see what is possible for their smiles without making a permanent decision.** 

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**Please note:  the ability to test your new smile depends on the size and positioning of your existing teeth, along with crowding. Not everyone may qualify. If you decide to move forward with veneers after your Test Drive, shaping of the teeth is still often necessary, though Dr. Perrin does it in an incredibly minimal way. 

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