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Dr. Conor Perrin

Dr. Conor Perrin’s The Tooth Co. has disrupted Orange County’s dental community. His passion for esthetic-based digital dentistry has established him as a regional leader and guides his approach to patient care through the incorporation of heavily researched cutting-edge technologies. While pursuing his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, he was accepted into USC’s competitive Dental Hygiene/DDS Pathway Program, where he later graduated as valedictorian of his dental class. 

The Education

While training at USC, Dr. Perrin was drawn to Dr. Pascal Magne’s study of Biomimetic Dentistry, a practice of dentistry centered on minimally invasive techniques using materials that emulate the physical properties of natural dentition. His eventual presidential leadership and involvement in the Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry Study Club, international philanthropy in Nicaragua, Panama, and The Philippines, along with a diverse cosmetic portfolio, earned him the largest merit-based scholarship at the university before graduating.

Dr. Conor Perrin’s academic journey as a double-Trojan instilled a pursuit of clinical excellence, research, and expanded educational opportunities. He actively participates in membership with the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. While perfecting his porcelain and bonded veneer techniques at various cosmetic mini-residencies, he was drawn to how a digital dentistry work-flow could vastly improve your experience. The incorporation of scanners, 3D printers, and special imaging units enables a patient to test-drive, and soon-after, receive his or her new smile with accuracy, efficiency, and beauty.

The Approach

His vision for your visit at The Tooth Co. brings all this technology together, beginning with your introductory consultation, both for those wishing to change the appearance of their smiles and patients seeking general dentistry. Dr. Perrin has taken meticulous detail in handcrafting a bespoke experience in the comfort of Orange County’s most stylish practice, which he fashioned after an inviting hotel lobby. Consultations begin by carefully listening to and discussing all concerns and expectations, while developing a plan for treatment based upon a thorough head, neck, and oral examination. Dr. Perrin has elected to work with the best labs and ceramists for your restorations, including porcelain veneers. High-end labs like these ensure the greatest levels of visual esthetics, precision, and longevity, which Dr. Perrin will never sacrifice for his patients.

Dr. Conor Perrin with a patient in Irvine

Dr. Perrin prides his attentive and customized one-on-one approach on a testament to never rushing or double booking your session while providing honest and thorough treatment recommendations. To further elevate your visit to The Tooth Co., he has also devised a novel patient “comfort menu” with selections ranging from warm lavender-scented towelettes to anti-anxiety drops all in the solace of your very own private suite. 

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