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Irvine dental services


Dental Cleanings

We recommend our patients return for professional teeth cleanings twice a year at minimum. For patients with advanced gum disease, periodic check ups and professional cleanings may be suggested every three months.


If a cavity or fracture of a tooth is too big for a filling, an “inlay” or “onlay” may be recommended. Think of these as lab-made Lego pieces that fit into your tooth to restore it to its original shape. These restorations are much more conservative than crowns and ensure as much of your natural tooth as possible remains after a cavity is removed.

Root Canals

Root canals may be indicated for patients with large cavities that touch the nerve on the inside of the tooth. The procedure involves removing the infected nerve and sealing it afterward.

Dental Crowns

At The Tooth Co., crowns, or “caps,” are only recommended to replace a failing crown. For teeth without an existing crown, many more conservative treatment options exist. We value preserving your natural tooth structure.

Sedation Dentistry

Afraid of needles? Have you suffered from traumatic dental experiences? Do you have teeth that are incredibly sensitive? Fortunately, these issues are no longer a reason to avoid your next dental visit. There are different forms of sedation that we offer:

Tooth Colored Fillings

We utilize “composite” fillings similar in color to natural teeth to replace areas damaged by cavities or fractures. Composite chemically bonds to the tooth underneath it, allowing for a much stronger and long lasting solution to your cavity.

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