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Biomimetic Dentistry

The Tooth Co. carefully integrates scientifically researched techniques and materials deriving from a field of practice known as biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Perrin first learned of ‘biomimetic dentistry’ while studying under Dr. Pascal Magne at USC, and it has since shaped the way he approaches all aspects of his dental care. 

The practice of biomimetics roots itself into the belief of copying what is life-like’ and imitating nature. Therefore, the practice emphasizes preserving and emulating the function and biomechanics of natural teeth when restoring them. 

Traditional dentistry often prioritizes the requirements of the selected restorative material instead of preserving the natural tooth structure that is left behind after cavity removal. As a result, the probability of complications such as fracture, sensitivity, and root canal treatment greatly increase. Biomimetic dentistry, on the other hand, values techniques which maximize adhesion to natural structure. The materials utilized to achieve this also mimic the esthetics, function, and strength of the layers of natural teeth.

Dr. Perrin takes this all very seriously. Technology such as our in-office microscope and cavity indicator dye help make this novel form of practice a reality, along with an avoidance of “crowns” or “caps” when treatment planning your cavities.

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