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Picture of a patient's teeth after getting Porcelain Veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Irvine.

Porcelain Veneers

Are you unhappy with the size of your teeth? Their shape? The color?

If so, porcelain veneers may be for you. Veneers are thin shells of a glass ceramic material that are adhesively bonded to the front surface of a tooth. Porcelain veneers can dramatically elevate your smile and and are completely customized for you, taking into consideration your facial proportions and current teeth positioning and sizing. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

Cosmetic dentist in Irvine fitting porcelain veneers on a patient.

Most people with warn or severely chipped teeth, small teeth, teeth with gaps between them, or heavily stained teeth are excellent candidates for porcelain veneers. You must also have good oral health and routinely visit your hygienist to ensure your gums are healthy enough to accommodate them. It is also important that there is no extreme crowding or spacing problems, or orthodontic treatment may be required prior to placement.

The Importance of a Master Ceramist

Skilled ceramist expertly crafting veneers for our cosmetic dentist in Irvine.

The appearance of your veneers and thus, new smile, is heavily dependent on which ceramist or lab your dentist cosmetic dentist selects to make them. We take this consideration seriously. Dr. Perrin has selected the finest dental labs and ceramists to ensure your veneers do not appear like white solid blocks, and instead feature natural color elements and translucency to give them a dynamic life-life appearance.

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The Veneer Journey

Other Cosmetic Services

Professional In-Office Whitening

Procedure Of Teeth Whitening In Medical Clinic

For patients wanting immediate whitening of their teeth up to 10 shades lighter, in-office whitening is suggested. This is usually a one to two hour appointment where a high powered bleaching agent is placed on the teeth and a gel is used to protect the gums.

At-Home Whitening

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If you would like to perform bleaching at your own pace, at-home whitening trays and gel are recommended. Dr. Perrin recommends 10% carbamine peroxide left overnight to truly brighten your smile. At your visit, ask Dr. Perrin for his tips on achieving the best results.


For patients with multiple missing teeth who may not be candidates for implants, dentures offer a possible solution. They are a wearable appliance featuring the teeth you’re missing that fit onto the top or bottom of your mouth.


If you would like to perform bleaching at your own pace, at-home whitening trays and gel are recommended. Our cosmetic dentist in Irvine recommends 10% carbamine peroxide left overnight to truly brighten your smile. At your visit, ask Dr. Perrin for his tips on achieving the best results. 


Dental Implants

For patients with missing teeth, implants offer a conservative and permanent solution involving a metal cylinder which replaces the tooth root. After it heals, a crown (cap) is placed on this cylinder. Implants are often advantageous to bridges as they don’t require neighboring healthy teeth to be shaped. They are also much more comfortable option than dentures.


  • Aesthetics: they sit in the gum similar to the way a tooth naturally emerges.
  • Less bone resorption: when a tooth is lost, bone that surrounded the root slowly recedes. Placing an implant in these missing areas prevents this resorption.
  • Comfort: implants are fixed into the bone and will not move or feature the bulk or movement that dentures do
  • Conservation: no neighboring teeth need to be shaped, as they must with a bridge

Dental Bonding

Do you need to fix discolored & chipped teeth or gaps in one visit? Ask Dr. Perrin about dental bonding a.k.a composite veneers. Tooth-like resin is folded and applied directly to the tooth surface for a minimally-invasive, affordable smile makeover. 


3D Printed Veneers

Not ready to commit to the long-term investment of porcelain veneers? Need a smile makeover on a budget? Meet the new kid on the cosmetic dentistry block – 3D printed veneers. Transform your smile in as little as a week with no invasive tooth prep required. 


Patient gently inserting her new clear aligners.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Clear aligners are similar to metal braces in that they move teeth, but the similarities stop there. They are fully removable, allowing you to care for your teeth normally and are virtually invisible for others to see.  Clear aligners are recommended for patients with bite problems or for those with significant spacing problems between their teeth. They can assist in correcting: overbite, crossbite, rotated teeth, crowding, and gaps.

Our cosmetic dentist in Irvine values minimally invasive dentistry. Before committing to porcelain veneers, it is important to evaluate whether clear aligners can instead help you achieve the goals for your smile, as no drilling is required.


  1. Using our scanner, we will create a digital copy of your top and bottom teeth and design a series of trays that you wear for one week each before going onto the next set.
  2. When you receive your first trays, we will verify their fit and provide instructions for wear. It is important that you commit to wearing them at least 20-22 hours a day to ensure you achieve optimum results.
  3. Regular checkups are important. Along the way, we will make subtle adjustments to your teeth and trays.
  4. When treatment is complete, you will receive a retainer to ensure we keep your new smile in the correct position.
Each aligner set is worn for a minimum of a week before moving onto the next set, and treatment usually takes a minimum of six months. The overall treatment time depends on each individual’s situation.

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